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F E A T U R E   F I L M   P R O D U C T I O N

CREATIV STUDIOS is much more than just a building for hire. Our feature film production company is the only one of its kind in England, producing low budget independent genre films for the international DVD and VOD markets.


Our films have been sold across the UK in branches of Asda, HMV, Fopp and others, as well as online from Amazon UK and via Video On Demand services such as Google Video, i-Tunes and Amazon Prime.


We average two feature films produced and released each year, with each film being written. produced, directed and edited entirely in-house by our fantastic crew of talented film-makers. We specialise in the horror, action and sci-fi genres. Our DVDs can be purchased directly from our distributor 88 Films (see the link at the side of this page).

Click here to purchase our films on DVD direct from distributor 88 Films

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